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The mares chosen for the Arabec herd have been selected without compromise for temperament and correct conformation. The mares with arabian influence should appear Arabian without a doubt and should carry correct type and plenty of presence.

These girls are the heart of the stud and every broodmare and filly is treasured for the gifts that they bestow.

"Arabec Fantasia"
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Purebred arabian, 15hh
Dam of "Xena""Azaar""Sultaan" "Rafik", "Wizard", "Aphrodite" and "Madonna", Martika
An Abu Shaklan grandaughter

"Grelisa Park Annabelle" *dec*
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Purebred arabian, 14.1hh
Dam of "Zavannah"  & "Eskandah" , "Kastanah" 
"Zensational" and "Lorielle"
Sire: Fenwick Ellusion
Dam: Evansley Breanna (Izmir daughter)

"Allano Amberly"
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Purebred arabian, 15hh
Dam of "LG" & "Phantom" & "Zequin" 
and "Dreamtime"and "Mahalia", "Maariah"
Sire: Amir El Shaklan (imp/dec) Dam: Kahira (imp)

"Tantangara Follys Way"
Black Tobiano
Dam of "Daafinah" & "Amirah" 
and "Altair" & "Lamaan" and "Kryptonite"
Surrogate mother to "Guinevere"
**Adopted mother of the orphan**
*Arabec Kallisto* 
Undeniably Arabian....
"Quintally Sapphire"
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62.5% Arabian, 14.3hh
Bay Tovero, 2 blue eyes
Sire: Anawa Mahuska (dec)
Dam: Coraleigh Poppy
Dam of "Aladdin" and "Malachite", "Jewel Thief", "Evanescence",
"Eternal Flame" and "Maharajah"
Photo Credit: Zintahn Pintos
"Tantangara Delta"
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Bay Tobero (homozygous Tobiano) 
Dam of "Khariim"  &  "Aliyaa"  &"Ayishah" & Kyanite & Accolade & Dixie Chick
"Mandian Park Breanna"
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Purebred Arabian, 15hh
Sire: Bluegrass Bold As Brass
Dam: Mandian Park Anastasia
Dam of "Zolitaire" and "Swan Song Of LG" and "Makenna" and "Havana", "Orion" and "Steve"


"Arabec Amirah"
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50% Arabian
Black Tobiano 15hh
Dam of "Whimsical" and "Summer Rain" (dec)
Sire: "Ajman Al Sahrae"
Dam: "Tantangara Follys Way"
"Temujins Ledgend"
Black Fewspot Appaloosa
Sire: "Noona Meena Temujin"
Dam: "Saxonvale Gay Abandon"
Dam of "Astronomer", "Celestial",  "Aerosmith", "INXS" and "Blue Suede" and "Senorita"
Photo Credit: Tracey Bavinton
"Kalongri Verity"
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Bay Tobiano 3/4 Clydesdale, 16.2hh
Dam of "Mythbuster" and "Atomic Kitten" and "Brandy Schnapps", "Sylvana" and 
"Jedi Knight"
50% Arabian
15.2hh Chestnut Tobiano 
Dam of "Wolveriine" and "Wild N Windy", "Ariana Grande" and "Flashdance"
Sire: Bellawongarah Ibn Riaal 
Dam: Jezzabell

"Amy" is the foster mother of "Billy Joel", "Adele" and "Lonesome Cowboy"
"Amy" is worth her weight in gold to us

Foster mother of "Adele" (Left) and "Lonesome Cowboy" (Right pic)
"Kalaya All That Glitters"
Dunskin Snowcap, 14.3hh
Sire: "Cayuse Dark Enchantment"
Dam: "Cayuse A Little Confewsed"
Dam of "Bonsai" and "Calamity Jane"
"Cider" is taking a break from broodmare duties to be a riding horse
"Arabec Atomic Kitten"
Chestnut Tobiano, 50% Arabian, 37.5% Clydie, mature 16.2hh
Sire: "Morocco ERA"
Dam: "Kalongri Verity"

"Alice In Wonderland"
Bay Homozygous Palouse, 13.1hh
Dam of "Lady Guinevere", "Lancelot",  
"Dust N Boots" and "Sunshiney Dayz"

"Jaydana Jazzy Doll"
Bay Arabian Pony, 
12.2hh, 56.9% Arabian
Dam of "Minnie Mouse" and "Princess Jasmine"
Away On lease

"Lakevale Pippi Long Stockings"
Bay Tobiano Arabian Pony & Australian Pony,
12.1hh, 13% Arabian 
Dam of "Harley Quinn" and "Hokey Pokey"

"Kalaya Dare To Dream"
Palomino solid Appaloosa, 15.2hh
Sire: "Cayuse Confewsion"
Dam: "Tinsel Lady" TB
Dam of "Bananarama" and "Matador"
"Cherrywood Shieanne"
Palomino Australian Pony, 12.3hh
Dam of "Shania" and "Smurfette" and "Cracka Jack"
"Newbury Rose Alea"
Bay Arabian Pony, 13hh, 50% Arabian 
Dam of "Thumbelina" and "Buzz Lightyear"

"Nnamtrah Precious Dream" 
Palomino Fewspot, 15hh 
Sire: "Yallawa Timeless Dream"
Dam: "Cayuse Speed Infewsion"
Away on lease
"Arabec Orianthi" 
Bay Anglo, 16hh, 
50% Arabian
Sire: "Morocco ERA"
Dam: "Golders Girl"
"Nnamtrah Lucy Lou" 
Purebred Arabian, 15hh
Sire: "Black Ice" 
Dam: "Tani-Mari Anastasia"

"Against The Wind"
Bay Thoroughbred mare, 15.3hh
Sire: "Commands"
Dam: "Oh Eight Hundred"
Black Thoroughbred mare, 16.3hh
Sire: "Commands"
Dam: "Woodala"
Dam of "Constellation"
"Arabec Queen Bee"
Black Tobiano Arabian Pony, mature 13hh, 26.5% Arabian

"Miss Sasha"
Bay Thoroughbred mare, 16.3hh
Sire: Ready As
Dam: Chiasma
"Arabec Tinkerbelle"
Buckskin Arabian Pony, 13hh, 25% Arabian
"Falcon Stellar"
Bay Tobiano, 15.2hh
Sire: Icon (imp)
Dam: Falcon Gabrielle
"Fairbanks Reminisce"
Bay, 16hh
Sire: Rotspon (imp)
Dam: Faribanks Gidget
Bay Thoroughbred mare, 16hh