Undeniably Arabian.....
Arabec Pintos began a very long time ago with a young girl's love of both Arabians and Pinto horses.  Her dream was to one day have a horse that combined the best of both worlds. 

As she grew, she quickly realised that her magical horse was not able to be purchased and so in order to achieve her dream, she was going to have to breed one. And so her journey began...........

Finally after many years, I am getting quite close to fulfilling that dream. At last I can look out of the window and see my coloured foals frolicking - heads and tails up, floating across the ground, just like all baby Arabians do.

Now, as happens, dreams change slightly, and I have set new goals for the stud and have taken the next steps towards fulfilling those goals with the inclusion of a Appaloosa and Arabian Pony breeding programs and coloured Warmbloods.

I expect that foals will be structurally sound, conformationally correct with lovely movement and kind natures. A good horse is a good horse, no matter what colour.

The stud is situated on a 4,800 acre beef cattle farm outside Inverell, NSW. 

We welcome visitors by appointment.

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 Hope and "Arabec Zeductress"                            aka "Flirt"
"Arabec Jazzman" (left)& 
"Arabec Razikhs Legacy" (right)
Undeniably Arabian...
"Arabec Zhakira" 
LtoR Tantangara Delta, Arabec Ayishah, 
Arabec Alejandro, Arabec Zeductress
The Boys Club
August 2012

LtoR Arabec Touch Of Legacy (Bay Tobiano 2yo colt)
Arabec Altair (Black Tobiano 2yo colt)
Arabec Prince Of Thieves (Bay Overo 2yo colt)
Lomani ERA (Chestnut 5yo stallion)
At Back Arabec Zolitaire (Bay Tobero 3yo just gelded)
ANKC registered breeders of Australian Shepherds under the Zedric prefix.

Puppies sometimes available