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A Little About Me.....

I have been an ANKC member on and off since I was 18yo. I used to show and do obedience and really enjoyed it at that stage in my life, but these days I am busy with the farm and the horses and am not currently showing my dogs. I have had Aussies in my life since 2002 and I am a registered breeder with Dogs NSW.
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"Fergie" is a beautiful blue merle girl. She is full on, very loving, smart and easy to get along with. She's not a very vocal girl, although very rambunctious and does not like getting her feet wet. Fergie is quite the character and can often be found doing quirky little things that you can't help but laugh at and she also does the "Aussie Smile"  

Fergie is a natural bob tail
"Heidi" is a gorgeous red merle girl. She is very active, smart and obedient. Sometimes Heidi goes out with the working dogs. She's not entirely sure what she needs to do, but she has fun! Heidi is more gentle than Fergie, but she has more energy and needs to be kept busy. Heidi ADORES water.

"Maddy" is an adorable red tri girl. Affectionately called Mad Maddy, she's a little firecracker, always running and very busy. She's very playful, eager to learn and a bundle of fun. She is the most vocal of the girls, and always has something to say. Maddy's most favourite thing is the buggy. She loves going for drives, and can often be found just sitting in there, patiently waiting and always hopeful.

Maddy is technically a natural bob tail, but her tail is quite long. Maddy's mum is a working girl but have not yet exposed Maddy to livestock to see if she shares her mum's aptitude.

Lacey is a gorgeous young girl that we bred. She lives the life of luxury in Melbourne with our daughter and comes for holidays on the farm.

She is as sweet as she is beautiful. Very much a "velcro dog" in personality and adores going to the beach and dog parks to play with her friends.