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Undeniably Arabian...

Please note: We reserve the right to withdraw horses from sale at any stage or to change prices of our sale horses before deposit is received and we encourage any sight unseen purchases to have a vet check before placing a non refundable deposit

​** Black Tobiano Arabian Pony filly, 4yo

** Bay Tobiano WB yearling gelding. Born May 2022

** Homozygous Black Homozygous Tobiano WB Stallion

** Homozygous Tobiano Arabian Pony 2yo filly

** Perlino Arabian Pony colt, 2yo

** Bay Fewspot Palouse mare in foal to Buckskin Arabian Pony stallion

** Bay/Brown TB mare, approx 16.2/16.3hh. May be available with (a) colt foal at foot, (b) back in foal and after weaning or (c) colt foal at foot and back in foal

** Dark Brown TB mare, approx 16hh. May be available with (a) colt foal at foot, (b) back in foal and after weaning or (c) colt foal at foot and back in foal

Bay Tobiano Warmblood gelding

Sire: CS Sandrotti (16.1hh)
Dam: Fairbanks Reminisce (16hh)

"Keith is a beautiful young gelding with an adorable friendly nature. His dam is sired by the proven producer of fantastic saddle horses Rotspon and this young lad has a fantastic future in front of him and huge potential as an amateur friendly partner.

If you are looking for flashy and kind, with no Arabian breeding, this young man is for you. Keith was born May 2022. Eligible for ACE registration.

"CS Sandrotti"

Homozygous black, Homozygous Tobiano Warmblood stallion 

Sire: Kenlock Indian Sky (imp)
Dam: Cullimurra Emmys Reality

Registered ACE 


"Sam" is a true black pinto Warmblood stallion and one of only a hatful in Australia. He stands just over 16.1hh (not officially measured but measured with measuring stick) and is an athletic type with a kind nature. Sam has been started under saddle and showed a quiet and kind temperament under saddle. He was started and sent to a trainer for a while, then rested and sent back to the breaker for a refresher. I rode him a few times around the farm, and a friend rode him a couple of times, but since then he's not been under saddle, so would need to be brought back into work.

"Sam" is a proven producer of very quiet and good natured foals. They are tall, very willing to learn with good conformation and athleticism on their side. He has crossed beautifully to a variety of mares and I have yet to meet a Sam foal that I do not like. Being homozygous black, he will produce no chestnut foals. Being homozgyous Tobiano, all his foals will carry the Tobiano gene.

I expect "Sam" would make an incredibly quiet gelding, potentially a youth horse in the right hands, but as a stallion he is only suited to the very experienced. He has refused to collect off a dummy, I have collected him once off a mare, but as that is not my vet's preference I use him live cover only. If he is being sold entire, he needs to be handled by a strong and experienced handler around mares. He has had many pregnancies this season from first cycle service and has a history of this. 

In my opinion "Sam" is absolutely stallion quality and proof is in his progeny however as a small female I do not have as much control over him around mares as I would like, so the decision has been made that although I absolutely adore his foals and I am mad to part with him, he needs to either find a new home as a gelding, or one with a stronger handler for serving or one where he will be ridden consistently. If you are the right home for "Sam" you will understand him from this description. Happy to discuss in depth with serious enquirers.

He is usually an angel for me to handle with day to day handling but like most stallions you do need to establish your place in his life. If he thinks he can call the shots, then he will try. He is a horse that will require a serious discussion about something, but then accepts the outcome and moves on.

Currently in paddock condition

** PRICE: $25,000 **
"Arabec Hokey Pokey"

Bay HOMOZYGOUS Tobiano Arabian Pony filly

Sire: Arabec Lightning McQueen (12.2hh)
Dam: Lakevale Pippi Long Stockings (13hh)

"Hokey" is a beautiful big moving filly, born in 2021. She is unlikely to be suitable for riding or showing, and shows potential as a broodmare only. "Hokey" is handled, but will need some one on one time in her new home.

"Taffedins Serengeti"

Bay Pure Arabian mare, PTIF to KB Mr Tayo (Appaloosa)

Sire: Afrikah ERA
Dam: Mulawa Emerald

"Sara" has been confirmed in foal to KB Mr Tayo (bay dun Appaloosa) and is due New Years Eve LFG. Sara is DNA tested clear CA/LFS/SCID and is approx 15hh.

Lovely mare, excellent broodmare, good to handle. Good to load on float, but does sweat up during travel.

Due to foal New Years Eve

** SOLD  **
"Arabec Duke Of Hazzard"

Perlino Part Arabian colt, Born 2021, mature approx 12.2hh

Sire: Arabec Prince Charming 13hh
Dam: Bungalally Cappacino 12.1hh

"Duke" is shaping up to be a lovely young colt. 27.8% Arabian in a small package, he is a rare find. I was going to retain him, but my direction has changed. Clear CA/LFS/SCID by parentage.

REDUCED for quick sale due to lack of room and time. At this price he does need some one on one time. He leads, ties, floats, has worn a rug and picked up his feet.

** PRICE: $1,000**
"Arabec Leilani"

Liver Chestnut pure Arabian mare, approx 14.3hh, 10yo

Sire: Lomani ERA 15hh
Dam: Zamib Sita 14.3hh

"Layla" is a much loved and beautiful member of the herd. She is usually good to handle, can get a little hot on occassion. Shown as a weanling, easy to catch, float. Can pull back when tied sometimes. Easy broodmare, good mum but I do recommend bute for a couple of days after foaling.

Layla will be put in foal to KB Mr Tayo in September

** SOLD  **
"Arabec Queen Bee"

Black Tobiano Arabian Pony filly, born 2019, approx 12.3hh/13hh

Arabian Percentage: 26%

Sire: Barringa Park Bon Jovi
Dam: Dara Park Miracle

Bee is a beautiful filly, lovely conformation and great movement, approx 13hh. She is registered AHSA, eligible Pinto and part APSB and possibly part Welsh. Quiet natured with a little sass, very friendly. Currently in winter woolly paddock condition.

​** PRICE: $2,500 **
"Arabec Enchantress"

Chestnut Tobiano mare, born 2009

Arabian Percentage: 87.5%

Sire: Arabec Razikhs Legacy
Dam: Zamib Sita

"Tess" is a beautiful mare who was shown in hand very successfully. She is green broken but hasn't been ridden in a number of years.  Clear CA/LFS/SCID

She is a good broodmare and proven producer of gorgeous foals. 

She will be put in foal to Arabec Maharajah in October

​** SOLD**
"Alice In Wonderland"

Bay fewspot Palouse mare, approx 13hh, approx 13yo

Alice is a beautiful example of a Palouse pony and a real attribute to any spotted pony breeding program. She is a good broodmare.

Alice is unregistered but is a proven producer of beautiful and colourful foals. She is currently empty but will be sold in foal to 
Arabec Prince Charming. 
Foal will be eligible for Partbred Arabian registration

The previous foal of this mating was a beautiful palomino blanket colt. 

**PRICE: $1,500**