"Abah Jalyma"
Undeniably Arabian.....
Quite a few years ago on visits to a stud with my friend as she was purchasing a gelding, I had the pleasure to meet a beautiful little chestnut mare. She was ever so pretty and with the most gorgeous kind nature. She loved cuddles and bumscratches and would happily take all the patting I could give while on our visits.

One day, I promised myself, I would take this little mare home.

As happens, she came up for sale. Sadly at the time, I was unable to afford her 5 figure price tag and had to watch her pass by.

Recently she was advertised in Horse Deals and I leapt at the chance to try again. I convinced my partner that I had thought about this mare for years - there was just something special about her. He finally agreed and I rang the owners, only to find out that she had been withdrawn from sale and would be available in another 12-18 months. I left my number disappointed, but content that I would have another opportunity. Instead, I purchased a different mare.

Two days after the purchase of Sabtah Ashanti, the owners of the other mare called to say they had changed their mind and she was again available - now that I had purchased another!

Again my partner relented and I have since purchased the little mare I have dreamt about for years and Jalyma has finally arrived.

It will be a dream come true to finally be able to look out the window and see her grazing in my paddock.

BUT there is more to this story.

I knew when I purchased her that she was in less than glamorous condition and I shrugged off the multiple calls from the truckdrivers regarding her body condition as I thought I was fully aware. However, the little mare that was waiting for me was a former shadow of the magnificent horse she once was. She was so much thinner than I was expecting and the sadness in her beautiful eyes was heartbreaking. There has been many tears these last few days, but I am ecstatic that I have the opportunity to finally have Jalyma, Home.

We will now begin the long journey to return her to her former glory. It appears that Jalyma has a lot of people that care about her progress, so I will try to keep this page updated for those interested.

Jalyma has been very kindly sponsored by Tuffrock and a huge thank you to Rudds Transport who transported Jalyma with great care and delivered her safely.
Sire: Omel Jacio Estopa (imp)
Dam: Bremervale Enchanting
Pure Arabian Mare
Born: January 1992
Height: 14.2hh
Photos after she           arrived in
November 2008
After a week of building up feed quantities, the vet okayed free choice hay.
******Jalyma Update October 2010*******

Many thanks to those that have followed Jalyma's progress and have offered support, it was certainly appreciated. After 2 years she's happy and healthy and enjoying life in big paddocks with her friends. Finally the gentleness has returned to her eyes and her affectionate nature has fully returned.
Not the most flattering photo! But serves as an indication of her current condition.

A sad thing is that this is one of the easiest mares to keep weight on (her current condition is due only to grass) - I do not want to imagine what she went through for her to end up in the state of the photos above.


On the 6th of February, her son "Arabec Jacian" arrived safely. He is big, strong and healthy, and  is a solid chestnut colt (no spots)

***Photos of a heavily pregnant Jalyma***
**January 2012**