"Arabec Zarinyah"
After running milk for nearly a week, "Marrakesh" finally presented us with her precious little baby.

She appears at first glance to be only carrying the sabino gene, (unusual shaped blaze, 2 high hind stockings and a flash on her front knee) however she may be carrying Frame Overo.

Developing into a lovely filly, with a pretty flaxen mane and plenty of chrome, she has a sweet nature to complete the package.

Growing into a lovely young mare, she is now in foal to "Ajman Al Sahrae"

Undeniably Arabian....
Sire: "Bellamy Zorros Mark"
Dam: "Starwood Marrakesh"
Born: 3rd January, 2009
Chestnut Sabino filly
Mature: 14.3hh
AHSA reg 50%
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Taken Feb 2010, aged 13months