"Arabec Mythbuster"
"Undeniably Arabian..."
Sire: "Watermark Whistleblower" 15.3hh
Dam: "Kalongri Verity" 16.2hh
Bay Tobiano colt
50% Gypsy Cob, 40% Clydesdale, 10% Paint
Born: 6th September, 2012
"Buster" was supposed to be a filly. We used a few different theories in attempting to get a filly from this mating and he blew them all out of the water, therefore his name.

"Buster" was born without a suck reflex, so he spent his first few days at the vet until he developed his own way of drinking. He still doesn't suck, but he manages to drink off mum just fine without being supplemented.

We love this little guy, he is super friendly and just ever so cute! "Buster has been sold to an extremely loving home and we are rapt and cannot wait to hear how he grows.

Buster's DNA Results are:
EE, Aa, nT
Which means that he is homozygous black and will never produce chestnut, he is bay, but can produce black foals, and he is tobiano.